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my newest toy. TURBO!-van?

After getting into a tussle with a local guy with a turbo omni, and helping a good friend of mine bryan green build a junk yard twin turbo 5.0 mustang i decided i need to get into the turbo fight myself..
but what is a broke guy like me to do? where do i get a turbo vehicle that i can play with and use. and not cost me and arm a leg and a second mortage?
well what is the cheapest vehicle that i can get ahold of? and will have a mutti use?

well. a truck woudl work. but trucks suck.. and who makes a turbo truck?.. okay... hmm. maybe a van? who makes a turbo van?. well maybee i could swap a turbo...
well after tossing ideas around i decided to go to the bad side of town and look in some of the cheap cheap , cheap car lots. and see what they had laying around.. maybee i could get an idea..
the jacksonville red cross car lot had a few TURBO dodge products.. a pair of new yorkers and a ES600 convertible.. naw. to heavy..
maybee i can do a motor swap into something...
looking around i was in the back of a decent sized lot. there were alot od dead and dying cars. figureing i could score a deal i started going car to car.. as i got to the end i noticed a small sticker on the side of a van..hmm. intreaging...

The Deal Goes Down
after convincing a salesmen i was serious i dragged a guy back there to the car.. he said it was mine for 600$...hmm. Will it start?, "sure it will", can i drive it home?, "i think so".

the next day i came back with an offer..
if i stuck the key in and it fired right up i would go for 600$.. if we had to jump it or do something to it to get it running i will go 500$.
if we cant get it started today i will go for 400$
the moment i f truth.. key in. ignition on. i could hear the pump start. crank it over and all i get is a CLICK, CLICK.. hmm. dead battery, 500$..
we jumped it off and it kicked over after about 10 minutes of cranking and spraying starter fluid down the air box... finally running my first observation was a BAD miss and ALOT OF SMOKE..
after a few minutes of letting it idle and figure it self out i was brazen enough to tap the gas.. ouch ,.. more smoke when you rev it up....
and it was hitting Ovef boost shut down when you hit the gas over a 1/4 of the way...slapping the beast into gear she lurked forward with the miss and a bit of hessitation. there were almost no brakes and less than a 1/8 of a tank ,i babied the car home.. any hint of touching the gas produced a lot of bucking and more smoke.. over boost shut down with out really hitting the gas.. what gives?

ITS HOME.. and it runs...
the smoke was caused by 8 quarts of oil. and the OBSD was caused by a non turbo map sensor.

a tank of good gas and new plugs wires cap and rotor god rid of the miss.
the plugs were oil soaked.. i was amazed the car would fire through that stuff..

My first "modifications".. getting down and dirty..
the first day i had the van in my possesion i had a non A/C bracket, a grainger valve and a map sensor diode.that got me 14PSI wiht out the computer going nuts. and an excuse to run 104* unleaded on the street.

let me set this straight from the begining.. i dont want to hear whinning or complaining or bitching from people for what i'm going to do to it..

one of the cheapest and most effective way to go faster with out spening any money is to remove weight.. and old racers saying is 100lbs removed makes your car 1/10 of a second faster. and is equivlaent to adding 10 HP.. well if i cant get free HP. and i can get free weight..besides the lighter a vehicle is the easier it is on parts... the less likely i will break a tranny. or snap shaft's...okay. my mustang is my daily driver.. this van owes me nothing. and i dont really care what happens to it. considering i just bought it for what i could sell the motor for..out comes the screw drivers. sockets and crow bar and cut off disk's .time for stage 1 gutting..

DIET TIME.. lose weight = lose E.T.
wanting to keep the god aweful sleeper look of a plymoth voyager minivan i will gut the inside. anything i can unbolt. inscrew, pry off or cut off that wont effect the out side apperance will be done.This might get messy.You better stand back.. here van ,van ,van ,van, van.....

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